Valerie Land

Valerie studied art and design at Norwich and Farnham and took a post­graduate course at the University of Reading. For some years she was head of art in a private school. Since 1999 she has been a professional artist living in Wales. As well as exhibiting her paintings, Valerie also works to commission.

Valerie's home, in the small village of Friog, is a short, brisk walk from the sea, hills and woodland. These familiar places have been the focus of Valerie's work, but she favours capturing a particular mood rather than a specific location. Her work constantly evolves, is always about light, tends to be peaceful, solitary and sometimes a little surreal.

Contact Valerie
Email: info@valerieland.co.uk
Website: www.valerieland.co.uk
Telephone: 01341 250 017

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