Andri Soteri-Proctor

Andri accidentally discovered her passion for making art at the age of 44 in 2015; when accompanying a friend to evening life-drawing classes at The Lowry, Salford. By 2016 she was trading at the Manchester makers markets.

She is a prolific painter with an unmistakable experimental style that uniquely combines a free-flowing fluid approach with detail often seen in fine-art. She then finishes the image with a twist of digital play using her phone to bring out the vibrancy of the colours and clean up the background to give it a fresh look.

Although she is known for her striking animal art work, as a self-taught artist whom gets incredibly excited at watching colourful ink fly and flow around the paper, she is now transposing this style to her new quirky portraiture work, Portraits of Legends.

Contact Andri
Email: a.soteriproctor@gmail.com
Website: andrisartstudio.com

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