David Morgan

After having spent most of his working life as a television cameraman, David recently decided to take a side step, to follow his life's passion and begin to concentrate more on what happens when he places marks on paper.

A recent move to live in the barren landscape of the Migneint moor now surrounds him with his current subject matter, and though the location can be challenging, he finds no greater inspiration than sitting in the countryside and sketching. To capture accurately a cloud, the light, the feeling of what he sees in front of him, he has to work quickly, and charcoal and pastel help this process by responding well to instruction and being able to be both gently and soft, and harsh and dark within single strokes.

David's work in charcoal is considered and moody and illustrates how composition can be found in even the bleakest of environments, while coloured pastel brings a blinding, light, energetic vibrancy. Both show how meaning can be manifest from frenetic scribbled marks that alone have no focus, but together converge to bring form, rhythm, and definition.

He wishes through his work to show joy and wonder for a place, while encapsulating the delight and energy of being taken on a journey while sketching.

To augment the exhibition of sketches, a number of Cyanotypes will be on display demonstrating how creating silhouettes with the sun on sensitized paper can bring about playful results that speak meaning and can enrich and enliven playful composition.

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