Carys Haf Roberts

Carys is a Mixed Media Artist living in her childhood home, a small village between Corwen and Bala.

She says...

"Memories re-emerge often of my childhood days spent in the pretty rural backdrop near Corwen, , nostalgic recollections of the thriving community spirit, stories of times ago, folklore and the all-around soothing nature, the changing of seasons, with it colours, traditions and the changing of agricultural farming procedures. Many fun times were spent at friends’ farms, playing in the fields and running around in the outbuildings, and this is what I believe is where my passion for depicting these buidings stem from.

"I love the essence of rural life, its beating heart. I aspire to recreate the sceneries and to express the comforting sense of home. I’m often out walking in all elements, summer or winter, rain and snow, sketching, capturing shapes and colours later to be translated into stitch.

In the process of stitching I’m again reminiscing the landscape, working with textures akin to the texture of the land, patterns in the fields, finding comfort in the recreating and having a strong enthusiasm to share these magical, colourful yet humbling rural landscapes.

"I graduated with a degree in fine art in 1999, and since explored many disciplines .However whatever medium I find myself using I’m always returning to the theme of home, nature and the countryside.

"Often my textiles include a combinations of techniques, such as painting and printmaking, layers of different elements can be seen, my desired effect is to encouraging one to look beyond the surface and find hidden surprises. Some of the fabrics used I eco dyed myself, using collected leaves , fauna and discarded pieces of metals and rust found in the landscape. I want my work to emulate the whole notion and atmosphere of the locality. Layers form through adding vintage materials, lace, muslim and organza, often pieces take on a 3D form, stitching is also pulled in a smocking fashion, manipulating the fabric further.

"I hope the viewer enjoys my work and feels a sense of happiness, a homeliness , and the colours I used I wish to have a uplifting effect."

Contact Carys
Website www.caryshafroberts.com
Email rcarys@hotmail.com
Phone 07917 062 962

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