Ollie Patricio

Ollie is an animator, artist and corvid botherer, originally hailing from South West London, she has now settled in Harlech, North Wales.

She's enjoyed a 20(ish) year career in broadcast television making colourful, noisy animations that your children probably loved but that made you want to do unspeakably cruel things to your TV.

Having a deep love of graphic / comic art and leanings towards images that explore and exploit the interplay of light and shadow, her own work naturally developed into experiments in monochrome. Previously she has used a technique that has a lino/wood cut feel but has been produced using water based paint and waterproof ink, though she has recently been creating some wonderful lino cut prints.

Contact Ollie

Email: ollie.patricio@gmail.com
Telephone: 07805 002 420

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