Abbie Hulson

North Wales countryside, coast and it's inhabitants has always been Abbie Hulson's main subject matter. She is currently producing a series titled 'Hiraeth' - the Welsh word for homesickness - a homesickness for a home to which one cannot return, a home which maybe never was or the nostalgia and the yearning for the lost places of the past and as an innate sense of yearning for a home, a feeling, a place or a person beyond this plane of existence.

It is an ongoing series of abstract landscapes which attempt to capture the playful metamorphosis that the Welsh coast offers from dawn till dusk when one takes the time to stand and watch quietly as the myriad colours and density in the atmosphere create an ever changing unreachable land which slowly disappears and will rest forever undiscovered.

Abbie's paintings are about time, being in a moment and the relationship between mother nature and man made.

She works from memory using oil paint as its slow drying gives each piece depth of time and allows her to go back and work into many layers adding texture and intensifying colours each time in a subtle way just as our surroundings are built up, which also provides a natural and mystical feeling to her paintings. Once happy with her backgrounds, she then works into the painting with embellishments of gold and silver metal leaf and using a pallet knife and small brushes to detail specific landmarks, building and animals which give context to each individual piece.

Contact Abbie

Website: www.abbiehulson.com
Phone: 07880 234814

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