Rob Davies

Based in the Wirral, Rob Davies has often created work that has an animated quality via the mark-making process. His initial inspiration was of the dynamic mountains around Snowdon, which he depicted as being energised and alive. More recently in his work, however, this kind of 'gestural expressionism' is not specific to landscapes, and suggestions of animal and human forms also play a part within the imagery. He has also used Hollywood and cinema as an influence in the image-making.

A separate series of large paintings that were created using a mixture of watercolour, oil paint, spray-paint and household gloss on paper, depict semi-imaginary landscapes, based partly on specific locations that starkly contrasted the industrial beside wilderness.

Rob studied on the Fine Art degree at Staffordshire University, and MA Illustration: Authorial Practice at Falmouth College of Arts, and has exhibited around London, Merseyside and the North West.

Contact Rob

Website www.robdaviesfineart.com
Email: robdaviespaintings@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 0151 201 9414
Mobile: 07899 753 509

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